How to build your own OTT platform?

The rate at which new technology is emerging today, many traditional ones are being replaced with better and easier accessible ones. One such thing is the TV. In this era of-technology, apps are taking the place of the TV at a very rapid pace as predicated by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, in 2015. What he meant by that is that in the future, most of the TV streaming will be done via online apps.While you might be thinking that it must be a challenging task to start your own, it’s not.Yes, you read it right.

You can start your very own OTT video platform. By the end of this article, you’ll know the process of the same and also the benefits that you will get out of your own OTT video streaming platform.

Have you ever thought what is the secret behind the smooth and flawless streaming of videos on the OTT platforms? It is nothing but advanced modern technology emerging today. The first and most important thing to build your own OTT video platform is to know what are the components needed for the same and to understand their purpose as well. Here are 5 things that you will need


When you initiate the process, hosting will be the first thing that you will need.Now, for hosting, you can choose your server, or you can also pick the cloud-based ones. With this choice, the question arises: which one to choose and why? While setting up and using your own server for hosting is an excellent learning activity, but if you aren’t exactly a tech person, it may not be a goo didea. Also, there is no security issue as both can be secured with one of the many technical means available today, but using a cloud-based server is the best option. The benefit that you’ll be getting from the same is scalability which is an important factor in keeping track of performance.


If you want to achieve the aim of reaching an audience across the globe, this step is very crucial for that. Multi CDN often termed as dynamic CDN is the process of getting your content across servers of providers with multiple CDN. It will help grow your global presence. Now that you are aware of why do you need multiple CDN, the next important step is to decide and choose the correct CDN
service provider. It will help in keeping track of the emerging issues before it starts affecting the users.


Just like there are set of rules laid down for the smooth traveling of data across the network, streaming videos also have some protocols. There are many protocols for streaming videos on OTT for enhancing the video experience of users and for the seamless streaming of the content on your platform.The first and the most popular protocol that is used across the globe is the HLS protocol. It aims to deliver video from any normal server without adding any special configuration for the same and runs on various streaming technologies